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Submissions deadline extended through 30 May!


The aim of the IDF call for posters is to provide a platform to the global dairy community to showcase initiatives led by research organisations, technical centers, universities… Posters will be organised by type (1. Research/scientific or 

2. others, e.g. products, methods, tools, services) and categories.

Categories of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

•    Safety & Quality - Microbiology: safety and microbiological quality aspects of milk and dairy products  
•    Safety & Quality - Chemistry and Composition: methods for measuring chemical contamination and the quality composition parameters of milk and dairy products that are essential to building mutual understanding and trust in the international dairy sector 
•    Human Nutrition and Health: exploring the potential of the dairy sector to tackle malnutrition in all its forms and to create food security 
•    Animal Health and Farm Management: new developments in the dairy sector field of animal health and welfare in the scope of the dairy sector, their implications in disease prevention and aspects relating to farm economics, food safety, human health, and dairy technology 
•    Science and Dairy Technology: microbiological, biochemical, technological and scientific aspects of processing, packaging, storage and distribution of milk and dairy products, and exploring innovation and optimisation of processes
•    Environment and Sustainability: new ways to improve sustainability, increase energy efficiencies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water use, save energy, and lower operating costs for dairy farms and processors.
•    Marketing and Economics: economic and statistical information on the world dairy sector, main drivers of dairy consumption in different countries around the globe and strategies for dairy promotion
•    Other subjects: e.g. attractiveness, sensoriality of dairy products…



Call for abstract (4)_edited.png

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by a selection committee for observance of specifications and format, and for relevance of the subject to IDF areas of interest.

Upon acceptance, the guidelines for creating Posters will be communicated to the selected applicants.

Posters will be printed by the organiser and displayed at the World Dairy Summit in Paris, provided that at least one of the authors/representatives are registered to the event. The posters will be displayed for viewing in a dedicated space during the World Dairy Summit. Prizes will be awarded to the best poster in each category and one overall winner.

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