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Sustainability is at the heart of the IDF World Summit 2024 and every participant coming to Paris in October is part of this commitment to a more sustainable future. To minimise the impacts of our international event, the Organising Committee is taking concrete decisions and actions to craft an event that embodies sustainability:

LOCATION: The event will take place at the CNIT conference centre in Paris – La Défense. This venue has recently been renovated with sustainable materials and designed to reduce energy consumption. The exhibition area is being designed along the “avoid – reuse – recycle” principle: avoid useless waste, reuse materials, and recycle materials that cannot be reused.

CATERING/FOOD: Behind every dish served throughout the event is a considered approach to social and environmental responsibility (SER), even if it is barely noticeable. The catering services selected for the IDF WDS 2024 are committed to rethinking their practices to reduce their environmental impact. These measures range from reducing food waste to promoting local and seasonal produce and incorporating green standards into their manufacturing processes. By working closely with local producers, supporting social initiatives and committing to being responsible businesses in their communities, they are demonstrating how gastronomy can be a positive force for change – both delicious and sustainable!

TRANSPORTATION: The CNIT is conveniently connected to the airports and Paris city centre by public transportation. The Paris metro network (known as the RATP), in collaboration with the regional train network, subways, buses, and trams, all play a crucial role in facilitating participants' journeys in an eco-friendly manner. By opting for these collective modes of transport, participants contribute to reducing carbon emissions and minimising the ecological footprint of the event. Each kilometer traveled by public transportation represents a kilometer avoided in individual cars, thus reinforcing the IDF WDS2024 commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Carbon Footprint of the event will be calculated at the end of the Summit, and a voluntary carbon compensation is being studied.

We can all play a role in creating an environmentally friendly IDF WDS 2024!

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